A magical and unique day, you have been preparing for your wedding for months.

My goal as a photographer is to take a documentary approach to your wedding day and accompany you as you go through it. I focus the spontaneous and the natural. Emotions and moments caught on the spot. By capturing these I hope to show off your personalities. A wedding is not a photoshoot. It is a day to spend with your families and friends. My goal is to blend into the background to capture the details and when you look at the photos a day later, a month later, years later, it brings back great memories.

All the details, big and small - the decorations, the venue, the dress, the costumes, the key moments etc - are important. You have thought of everything and everything is important to capture and that is what I try to do.

By accompanying you, I work with you to, I hope, help reduce the stress of the day. I’m there to listen to you. To be flexible and adaptable to ensure I deliver something that suits you and makes you smile. I guide and advise when necessary, but otherwise I just try to follow you during the wedding to build a story in pictures.


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